Why You Should Stay Away from Dog Daycare

Aug 21, 2023 | Safety

When it comes to taking care of our furry friends, we all want the best for them. As pet owners, we want to ensure that our dogs have the best possible care while we are away. While dog daycare seems like the perfect solution, experts suggest that it may not be the best option for your dog’s well-being. In this blog post, we discuss why you should stay away from dog daycare and explore alternative options.

While some dog daycare facilities have qualified staff, others do not. Lack of supervision can lead to a multitude of concerns such as bullying, dog fights, and general chaos. Due to the large number of dogs, it is difficult for the facility’s staff to keep track of every pet’s well-being. Your dog may be left on their own to navigate the environment, leading to anxiousness and potential injury.

Dog daycare can also be expensive, and you may find that it is not economically feasible to send your dog to these facilities on a regular basis. The added cost of daycare can put unnecessary strain on your budget and resources. You may find that alternatives such as pet-sitting and dog walking services are more favorable.

Keep reading as we go more into depth into the possible dangers and more disadvantages of traditional dog day care and some alternatives.

What is Dog Daycare?

Dog daycare is a service provided by pet care professionals to look after and entertain dogs while their owners are away. In daycare, dogs can play, socialize with other dogs or humans, and get the needed exercise and stimulation they require. Dog daycare has become a popular option in recent years, and it’s no surprise why. But is the recent popularity due to the negatives of doggy day care?

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The Dangers of Doggy Day Care: What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

As pet owners, we want nothing but the best for our furry companions, which is why many of us turn to dog daycare for scheduled playtime, exercise, and socialization for our pets. While dog daycare facilities can be a convenient solution for pet owners, they can also pose significant risks to our beloved dogs. Below we’ll explore the potential dangers of dog daycare and what every pet owner needs to know before enrolling their furry friends in a daycare program.

The risk of injury

While dog daycare facilities aim for a fun and safe environment for dogs, accidents happen, and dogs can get injured. Dogs play vigorously and can easily hurt themselves or others unintentionally. Playtime can result in bites, scratches, and even broken bones. Always ask about the facility’s policies on supervision, staff-to-dog ratios, and vaccination requirements.

Spread of illness

Daycare facilities may require vaccinations to be up to date, but that doesn’t entirely prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Dogs in such facilities can pick up diseases such as kennel cough or canine flu easily, even if they have had all the necessary vaccinations. Ask the facility about their protocol for handling illness outbreaks and how they sanitize the equipment, toys, and facilities.

Lack of proper training and behavior correction

Not all dog daycare providers are experts in dog behavior and training. They may not intervene in aggressive behavior, which can lead to future issues with your dog’s behavior. Even friendly play can escalate into aggression in some dogs who are not properly supervised. Look for a daycare center that provides specialized training services or behavioral assessments.

The risk of theft

Dog daycare facilities operate like any business, meaning there’s always a risk of theft. Dog thefts are on the rise, and some criminals have targeted dog daycare facilities. Pet owners should have an open discussion with the daycare providers on their security measures, including surveillance cameras and secure entrances, to prevent this sort of theft. Consider getting a GPS tracker on your dog’s collar or a microchip that can aid in recovery in case of theft.

Alternatives to Traditional Dog Daycare

Dog near the pool

We all love our furry friends, but sometimes life takes us away from home for extended periods of time. When this happens, you may rely on dog daycare services to keep your pup occupied and well-cared for while you’re away. However, dog daycare can be costly, and not all dogs do well in a group setting. So, what are the alternatives to dog daycare? In this blog post, we’ll discuss some ideas for keeping your pup busy and happy while you’re away.

1. Dog Walker

Hiring a dog walker to come to your home and take your pup for a walk is a great alternative to dog daycare. A professional dog walker can tailor their services to your pup’s specific needs, whether it’s a leisurely stroll or a brisk jog. In addition, dogs who are anxious or aggressive in group settings often do well with one-on-one attention from a dog walker. Plus, hiring a dog walker is usually more affordable than dog daycare.

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2. Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are a great way to keep your pup occupied and mentally stimulated while you’re away. These toys require your dog to solve a puzzle or perform a task to receive a treat or reward. Puzzle toys range from simple, treat-dispensing balls to more complex puzzles that involve multiple steps in play areas. Puzzle toys can be a great way to tire out your pup and keep them happy and occupied while you’re out.

3. Doggy Day Trip

Beagle and West Highland White Terrier Playing

Take your pup on a fun day trip to explore new sights and sounds. Choose a dog-friendly destination, such as a hiking trail or beach, that will allow your pup to get exercise and mental stimulation. Be aware of your pup’s physical limitations, however, and bring plenty of water and snacks. A fun day trip is a great way to bond with your pup and give them a break from being cooped up inside.

4. Doggy Daycare App

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If you’re still interested in dog daycare, consider using a doggy daycare app. These apps allow you to set up a profile for your pup and connect with local dog daycare providers. You can also browse reviews and ratings to find the best option for your pup. This option is usually more affordable than traditional dog daycare and provides a more intimate setting.

5. In Home Dog Daycare

Owner and dog in sunset

In-home dog daycare is where dogs stay in the home of a pet sitter or a licensed daycare provider. This type of daycare provides personal attention and care for dogs. Moreover, in-home daycare offers individualized care and attention from dog walkers, making it suitable for dogs who do not adapt well to traditional daycare settings. The cost of in-home dog daycare depends on the location and duration of the service.

While dog daycare can be a great option for some pups, it’s not always the best choice for everyone. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives to keep your pup happy and occupied while you’re away. Whether it’s hiring a dog walker, using a doggy daycare app, or trying out puzzle toys and feeders, your pup will appreciate the extra attention and stimulation. With a little bit of creativity and planning, you can find the perfect alternative to dog daycare for your furry friend.

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Puppy Sleeping

As much as we love our furry pals, we can’t always be with them 24/7. Work, social engagements and other obligations often take us away from home, leaving our pups alone for extended periods. What can an in-home pet sitter or the alternatives mentioned above provide your dog?


Dogs require a lot of physical activity to remain healthy and happy. Inactive dogs can suffer from physical and emotional issues. In home care provides ample opportunities to play, run, and jump around, burning off energy in a safe and supervised environment. This physical activity improves their heart health, weight, and muscle tone.

Reduced Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can cause dogs to become unhappy when their owners are away. This anxiety can lead to licking, barking, and destructive behaviors such as chewing, scratching, and peeing indoors. All of the above alternatives to dog daycare provides a fun and stimulating environment, reducing boredom and anxiety, minimizing the likelihood of these negative behaviors.

Mental Stimulation

Dogs need mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy. You can provide a wide variety of activities, including puzzles, games, and agility classes, that challenge their minds and keep them engaged. This mental stimulation can improve their problem-solving skills, and overall cognitive function and help with dog training.

While you may think dog daycare is a great option for your furry friend, it may not be the best option. Daycare facilities can pose health risks and lead to behavioral issues. Lack of supervision and the added cost of daycare can make it non-feasible. It’s important to explore alternative options such as pet-sitting or dog walking services, to ensure that your furry companion gets the best care possible. By keeping your dog’s well-being at the forefront, you can make the best decisions for your pet’s happiness and safety. In home pet care can provide excellent option for pet parents who want to ensure their furry friends’ well-being and happiness. It’s a safe and fun environment where your dog can play, socialize, and get the much-needed exercise and stimulation they require.

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