Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Mission Statement and Values?

Kate’s K9 Pet Care Mission Statement

Kate’s K9 Pet Care delivers peace of mind, convenience, and exceptional pet care to owners by providing loving attention to all their pets.

Kate’s K9 Pet Care Values

  • Personal focus on your pets
  • Exceptional service
  • Trusting and Professional Service
  • The Happiest Pets!

How does the Meet ‘n Greet work?

A Kate’s K9 Pet Care Professional will schedule a complimentary Meet ‘n Greet to meet you and your pet. We go through all the forms, gather all medical information, special needs /instructions for your pet and take a picture. Credit Card information can be captured during the assessment. A quick 15-minute assessment and you are all set to go!

What do I need for the Meet ‘n Greet?

To ensure no delay in providing the best care for your pet, we require the following:

  • Medical (up to date vaccinations report)
  • Vet information
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Spare Key / Guest Door code or approved access to your residence
  • Credit Card information

A link to all our forms can be found here Online Forms

Do you provide documentation after the visit?

After each visit, your Pet Care Professional provides detailed feedback through the app which includes a checklist to let you know how the visit went, which tasks were complete, and anything additional that may have occurred. With our walks, you can even track through GPS, the route the Pet Care Professional took your pet!

Do you offer a Military Discount?

Yes, we offer a 5% discount on all our services (excluding retail shopping and Monthly Packages) to active and retired Military.

We also offer a 5% discount to all Public Service employees (Police, Fire, and Education employees

Do you offer Referral Incentives?

We love our Kate’s K9 Pet Care family and appreciate all referrals. Your next 30-minute visit will be free for anybody that signs up for our service and mentions you as the referral. There is no limit to the number of times you can receive the Referral Incentive! There is nothing greater than having our clients refer! Many of our clients have been referred to us!

When are Monthly Packages Invoiced?

Monthly Packages are billed at the beginning and can be billed again once all services are used. You may cancel at any time before all services are used.

There are no refunds for the pre-paid Monthly Package

If I schedule a visit, how late can I cancel?

We understand and try our best to be flexible with your schedule. If you cancel within 48 hours of the visit, there is no cancellation fee

Cancellations within 24-48 hours of the visit will result in a $15 cancellation fee. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any cancellations within 24 hours of the visit.

When are invoices due and what happens if I am late?

Invoices are due on the date of the first service however can be paid for before the first date. We offer a market-leading “30 day grace period” from the due date of the invoice. After the 30 day grace period, Kate’s K9 Pet Care has the option to charge a 20% late fee for all late payments. There will be a 20% per month interest charge on the entire balance. If there is an unpaid balance for over 60 days, Kate’s K9 Pet Care reserves the right to discontinue caring for your pets until the balance is paid in full. Balances that remain unpaid for 90 days will be automatically charged with a 20% tip to the Pet Care Professional.

What is your Inclement Weather policy?

We want to be sure all our employees and furry friends are safe and warm during any inclement weather!

Dog Walks

Federal Government closed: All walks are canceled at no charge to the client.

Federal Government on liberal leave closes early, or regular hours: walks are not canceled.

Our cancellation policy states that if you request a cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment, the full amount is charged. This is due to scheduling resources on the same day. However our inclement weather policy differs in that if you wish to cancel the appointment, even within 24 hours due to weather, only half the service amount is charged for the cancellation. We also understand there are “Essential” people that must work even during inclement weather, or if you are on vacation during inclement weather. Kate’s K9 Pet Care understands and will make every effort to provide services for your animals for these conditions- but there will be an Inclement Weather charge of $15 per visit.

Pet Sitting

Our Pet Care Professionals will reach their pet-sitting clients as soon as it is safe to do so. On a rare occasion, our Professionals will contact your Emergency Contact person that can check on their pets in the event of any type of disaster.

What is your holiday policy?

We are here to service our clients and provide the best pet care service to you! Our services can be provided every day including holidays. We recognize all Federal Holidays including but not limited to:

New Year’s Day/Eve, Columbus Day, Juneteenth, MLK Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Eve.

There is a Holiday charge of $15 per visit performed on the actual holiday date.

Please request all holiday services be submitted two weeks prior to the date of service to accommodate all requests.

If there are any questions that were not answered above, please feel free to contact us.