How To Choose A Dog Umbrella

May 20, 2022 | Activities with Pets

Taking your dog out for a walk on a rainy day can be daunting, but with the right dog rain gear, it can be manageable and even enjoyable. A dog umbrella is one such essential piece of gear, and in this post, we’ll talk about what dog umbrellas are, their benefits, and what to look for when shopping for one. We’ll also recommend five of the best dog umbrellas on the market.

What Is A Dog Umbrella?

A Pug under an umbrella

A dog umbrella is just what it sounds like – an umbrella for your dog. It’s a small, portable shelter that you can take with you on walks, hikes, or anywhere else your dog goes. Like a dog raincoat, dog umbrellas provide protection from the rain and snow. What’s more, they can even be used to create a shady spot on hot days.

Most dog umbrellas have a bottom chain that attaches to your dog’s collar, an umbrella that opens up around your pet, and an umbrella handle that extends from the top for you to grip. When viewed from afar, a dog umbrella often resembles an inside-out umbrella. Dog umbrellas are usually made from polyester or nylon and are available in different colors, sizes, and designs.

Why Are Dog Umbrellas Important?

A dog under a transparent umbrella

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There are several benefits of using a dog umbrella. Here are some of them:

Protection From Inclement Weather

Dog umbrellas help keep your dog dry during walks in the rain or snow. Dog umbrellas also have UV protection that keeps your dog safe from the sun. This is important because it can help prevent health problems such as heat stroke and skin cancer.

Less Stressful For Your Dog

Walking in the rain can be stressful for some dogs. If your dog hates getting wet, a dog umbrella can help make walks more enjoyable.

No Wet Dog Smell In Your Living Areas

If your dog likes to lay on your furniture, a dog umbrella can help keep your house smelling fresh by preventing wet fur from getting on your furniture.

If you have a car, dog umbrellas can help keep your vehicle clean by keeping your dog’s wet fur off the seats. This is especially important if you have leather seats because they can be ruined by damp fur.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Dog Umbrellas

A dog under an umbrella

Now that you know what dog umbrellas look like and why they are important, it is time to choose the right one for your furry friend. Here are several things you need to consider when shopping for a dog umbrella:


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a dog umbrella is the size. You need to make sure that the umbrella is big enough to cover your dog completely. If it is too small, it will not be effective in keeping your dog dry.

The best way to determine the size of the umbrella you need is to measure your dog from the top of its head to the base of its tail. Once you have its measurement, add 12 inches to it. This will give you the size of the umbrella that you need to look for.

For example, if your dog is 24 inches long, you will need an umbrella that is 36 inches in diameter.

Material Used

Another important factor to consider is the material used to make the umbrella. Ideally, you should look for completely waterproof and durable material. This would help it withstand heavy rains and winds. It is also important that the fabric is breathable to prevent your dog from getting too hot.

The most common material used for a dog umbrella is nylon or polyester material. These materials are durable, waterproof, and breathable. They are also lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around.


When choosing a dog umbrella, you also need to consider the design. A good dog umbrella should be easy to open and close. It should also be easy to carry around. Two of the most popular dog umbrella designs are the C-shaped handle, and the Telescope handle. The C-shaped handle is easy to grip and allows you to control the umbrella with one hand. The telescoping handle is also easy to grasp but can be difficult to control.


Another factor to consider when choosing a dog umbrella is comfort. You want to make sure that the umbrella is comfortable for your dog to wear. The last thing you want is for your dog to be uncomfortable while walking in the rain.

One way to determine if an umbrella is comfortable is to look at the straps. The straps should be adjustable so that you can get a perfect fit for your dog. You also want to make sure that the straps are not too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, it will be uncomfortable for your dog. If they are too loose, the umbrella will not stay in place.


The price of the dog umbrella is also an important factor to consider. Dog umbrellas can range in price from $15 to $45. Remember, the most expensive dog umbrella options might not be the best for you. Consider all the factors we’ve discussed above before choosing a dog umbrella.

Best Dog Umbrellas

A dog under a dog umbrella

Now that you know what to look for in a dog umbrella, here are some of the best dog rain gear on the market!

K&L Pet Dog Umbrella: Dog Umbrella With Leash

K&L Pet Dog Umbrella is probably the best dog umbrella on the market; it features an Upgraded C-shape handle meant for improving user comfort. This handle also fits inside your wrist and is protected, making you less likely to hurt yourself when walking your dog. Asides from that, the umbrella’s shaft is flexible, moveable, and tilted to let you place the umbrella over your dog’s head.


  • Diameter: 28.3 inches
  • Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Price

The price of the K&L Pet Umbrella ranges between $31.27 and $40.46. If you have a small dog, it might cost less.


  • Waterproof and durable nylon material
  • Breathable to prevent your dog from getting too hot
  • C-shaped handle for easy grip and control
  • Flexible and tilted shaft to let you place the umbrella over your dog’s head
  • Suitable for small dogs


  • The price is a bit high compared to other umbrellas
  • The size might be too small for larger dogs

Perfect Life Ideas Umbrellas for Leash Dogs

Perfect Life Ideas Umbrellas for Leash Dogs is one of the best dog umbrellas available. It possesses clear transparent plastic fabrics that let you keep an eye on your dog and the area where they are walking and standing.


  • Diameter: 26 inches
  • Weight: 7 ounces


  • Perfect Life Ideas Umbrellas for Leash Dogs costs about $19.99.
  • The clear transparent plastic fabric lets you keep an eye on your dog
  • The umbrella handle is easy to hold
  • Suitable for dogs with a back size of 20 inches or less.


  • The dog’s connecting chain is only 8 inches long.

Pour Protection Umbrella

Pour Protection Umbrella is an attractive and stylish dog umbrella. It is made from plastic and has a reflective trim along the side of the border, which provides visibility and a fashionable design. It includes a leash that connects to the chain, so you don’t have to worry about your dog running away.


  • Dimensions: 33 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces


  • Pour Protection Umbrella’s price starts from $25.75.


  • It comes in different colors.
  • Safer than most options
  • Provides visibility


  • The connecting chain is 9-inch-long.
  • It has an opaque solid color, and it is not transparent.

Morjava W555 Pet Dog Umbrella

Morjava W555 Pet Dog Umbrella is a transparent, wearable, and durable dog umbrella that lets you keep an eye on your canine companion. It is made of PE material and built with 8-rib solid metal sticks. This makes the umbrella sturdier and safer.


  • Diameter: 28.3 inches
  • Weight: 13.1 ounces


  • The Morjava W555 Pet Dog Umbrella costs $22.99.


  • It is transparent
  • It can easily connect to a dog collar


  • The handle length is fixed, making it difficult to handle

Enjoying Pet Umbrella

Enjoying Pet Umbrella is regarded as an affordable dog umbrella option by many pet parents. The leash on the dog umbrella might be frightening and distressing for your dog at first, but after a few repetitions, it will get used to it.


  • Diameter: 33 inches
  • Weight: 12.6 ounces


  • Enjoying Pet Umbrella costs $14.99.


    1. It is cheap
    2. Best used for smallish dogs


  • The metal leash may hurt your dog’s neck.


Consider investing in one of the many dog umbrellas listed above if you are looking for a new dog umbrella to keep your pet dry on a rainy day and protected from the sun’s rays during summertime.

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