Meet a few of our Pet Care Professionals

Kate S.

Kate has over 11 years of experience in the Pet Care industry. She has personally cared for thousands of pets in the area and proudly brings the care and attention right to your home! As a native to this area, her extensive experience includes Pack Leader, Groomer, Day Care and Overnight attendant, working in vet and animal hospitals, and more! She loves all animals and enjoys spending her time with all her pets at home!

Adam C
Operations Manager

Adam brings over 10 years of Pet Care experience and 20 years of Business Management experience to Kate's K9 Pet Care. He has owned pets his entire life and loves to be out with any dogs. As an avid swimmer, he loves to be in the pool swimming laps or playing in the water with his dogs! He also enjoys a nice night in snuggling up with his cat.

Reiden E.
Pet Care Professional

Reiden is a true animal lover! She enjoys spending time and exercising with dogs and and playing with all furry friends! She loves spending time outdoors and the dog parks. As a native to Northern Virignia, she knows all the great spots to visit! In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym and outdoor activities.

Danielle S.
Pet Care Professional
Danielle has been working closely alongside business owner Kate for several years. She loves cats and had 2 of her own! Spending time outdoors with pets is her ideal day. Danielle also dabbles in massage and yoga in her free time.
Phillip T
Pet Care Professional

Phillip brings a lot of care and experience from his several years of being in the pet care industry as well as a life-long pet owner. He is always enthusiastic when it comes to providing personalized care to all animals. He has experience as a pet care and boarding attendant at a pet resort and wants to become a dog trainer! He enjoys being outdoors, exercising and spending time with his family.

Pet Care Professional

Donna brings her years of pet owning and pet caring experience to Kate's K9 Pet Care. She loves spending time being active with pets, and giving them lots of attention and love. She is a life-long pet owner and loves to be around pets of all shapes and sizes! In her free time, she enjoys being outside, gardening, and spending time with her loving family.

Miranda J
Pet Care Professional

Miranda is a lifelong owner and lover of pets of all types and sizes. She enjoys providing quality pet care services to owners and their pets. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities, playing music, and discovering good restaurants. She looks forwarding to meeting new pets of all types.

Steven C
Pet Care Professional

Steven has always had a big heart when it comes to dogs, especially with unwanted dogs. Adopting two stray dogs from the street and bringing them into his family. He enjoys the outdoors and loves to explore. Also into art, such as sculptures and paintings.

Travis E
Pet Care Professional

Travis has had pets in his family his entire life. He grew up with two Keeshonds, geckos, mice, fish and a Chinchilla. Moving to the present, him and his wife parent 2 dogs, Bear and Ellie, and 1 cat, Skooma. Travis loves meeting new pets, and definitely doesn’t mind getting a little sweaty on walks! Sometimes you have to really wear your dog(s) out (Travis knows he does with his dogs!) In his spare time he enjoys playing video games, and watching sports with friends/family.

Kyle P
Pet Care Professional

Kyle has been in the animal industry for years! He loves to be around pets of all sizes and breeds. Kyle loves to enjoy the outdoors and loves to go on walks. In his free time, he loves to spend time with his son!

Deon H
Pet Care Professional

Deon has been an animal lover all his life. He loves to spend time with dogs as well as other small animals. He brings years of Pet Care experience from previous positions and enjoys the outdoors. He loves to give dogs a great time on walks and really likes to give them some good exercise!

Natasha S
Pet Care Professional

I have been an animal lover since the day I could crawl.  Being raised with two poodles when I was just a baby to now with my two Dogs Lilo and Stitch. As well as rasing two cats ,two bunnies and a Guinea  Pig In between . I have been taking care of animals for about 15 years on the side  and professionally about 10 years.  I am exited to be a part of Kate's team and definitely looking forward to all that is in store for me.