Newfoundland Care and Info

The Newfoundland (affectionately: newfie) is a large dog breed beloved around the world for its gentle nature and strong working attitude.  Let’s go into everything you need to know about the Newfoundland breed including lifespan of a Newfoundland dog, Newfoundland dog size, temperament and all the fun facts.   Newfoundland dog history The Newfoundland is […]

9 ways to tell if your cat is in pain

Cats are instinctively driven to hide suffering, so it can be hard to tell when they’re in pain. Be on the lookout for these subtle signs of a sick cat.   Have a Sick Cat? 9 Ways to Tell if Your Cat Is In Pain    

Complete cat health guide for every life stage

It’s important to make sure that your cat has the proper veterinary care, vaccines, diet, parasite prevention, and mental and physical stimulation that they need from the time you adopt them. Here’s a complete cat health guide for keeping your cat healthy throughout each life stage.

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